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Advice On Demonstrating Authenticity In Leadership

Vice President, Strategic Relations at Hamacher Resource Group, Inc., passionate about optimizing results across the retail supply chain.

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Much has been written about leadership traits and styles. In fact, a Google search for the term “leadership” yields more than 2 billion results. And when you specify “authentic leadership,” you get more than 100 million results, including scholarly articles, lists of traits and articles containing how-to advice. Largely influenced by the events of the last 15 months, I elected to approach the topic from the standpoint of a commitment to authenticity.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines trust as “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” Seeing a direct correlation between trust and authenticity, I dug deeper, and I came to the conclusion that authenticity is judged by how you behave, how you communicate and how you serve your stakeholders and customers. At Hamacher Resource Group, our mission statement is “to serve as a trusted resource partner to our customers, our community and our co-workers.” If our actions do not support this statement, then we become inauthentic.

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