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Guest Blog – Employee Burnout: 5 Complexities and Effective Solutions

This blog post was written by Stephanie Brady and originally published on

Lost your mojo, empathy and sense of humour? Dread Mondays and can’t concentrate? It’s highly likely you may be experiencing burnout. It is rife. An increasingly stressful life with no way to burn off steam has left lots of us feeling like pressure cookers about to blow. With the increased use of technology and social media during the lockdown, our brains are over-stimulated and emotionally thirsty.

However, have you ever noticed someone using inverted commas when they use the word “burnout”, even if it’s related to themselves? It’s a word that’s met with cynicism and shame.

  1. Pushing through the cynicism and shame makes tackling this complex problem even more challenging than it is when it stands alone with no judgement attached to it.
  2. One difficult element of burnout is that we don’t tend to see it creeping up on us or our teams until it’s too late. It can take you by complete surprise, which is why dealing with it early can be challenging.

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