“Ask the MSL” with Dr. Chris Herold on 1/16/2021 registration

***Limited to 10 participants to keep it conversational***

As an aspiring medical science liaison (MSL), you likely have many questions about the role of an MSL and what it entails. Recruiters and hiring managers will have questions for you, too – most importantly, how familiar you are with the position and the duties required.

With this series of roundtable discussions, my goal is to help you prepare for those questions. I will talk with different MSLs and other Medical Affairs Professionals about their career journeys and what they think it takes to become an MSL. This week’s guest is Dr. Chris Herold and we will talk about a day in the life of an Medical Science Liaison.

We will then move on to questions from YOU! You can submit your question(s) ahead of time, and if time permits, we will take questions from the chat. So come prepared, and ask anything relevant!

After you sign up below, you will receive a calendar invite from me. Please make sure you accept the invitation. Log in using the link provided in the invite about 5 minutes before the start of the roundtable. The link has the password embedded, which will streamline the process. You will automatically enter the Zoom waiting room, and only those names that match with the registration will be allowed in.

Two minutes after the start of the meeting, I will lock the meeting and start recording. I hope that Zoom bombing will be soon be something of the past, but until then, I want to keep this a safe environment! I hope you will all cooperate.

Thank you for signing up and see you at the roundtable!

Recordings will be available 3-5 days after the roundtable for free for about 1 week and after that in our paid members section. The paid membership section is free for current coaching clients.


Sending confirmation emails after registering requires a paid app on my end. I will get that in the future, but until then, please be patient. You will receive a calendar invite from me within 24 hours. If you do not, please leave a comment below this registration form. Your comment with associated email will come to my inbox, and we can communicate privately! Thank you for understanding!

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