Video of “Ask the MSL” with Dr. Chris Hansen 1/8/2022

In the latest edition of our roundtable discussion for medical science liaisons and others in the medical affairs field, Dr. Chris Hansen joined us and we chatted about his journey to become a successful MSL and how to create individualized KOL journeys and engagements!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this roundtable. If you weren’t able to catch it in person, please check out the video. I think you’ll still get a lot of great information out of it, but remember, if you join us in person you can ask questions during the event. You can find and register for future sessions in the webinar series here. You only need to sign up once to be notified by Zoom of all future sessions!

Ask the MSL w/Dr. Chris Hansen

Whether or not you were able to attend in person, I hope you liked the video! If you did, please add a like below, or leave a comment. This way I know whether to keep the video on the website, what topics you enjoy, and what you’d like to hear more about!

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