Early VIP Access MALI EdApp

I’m so excited and I really want to share our exciting project with you!

Here it goes! This summer we will be releasing our microlearning mobile app to the general public, but I wanted to give you early VIP access right now!

The app is for the (future) medical affairs professional and will have courses for developing technical, scientific, practical, leadership and soft skills. We will be adding a new course to the library every 2 weeks.

As an early VIP member you will have access to all these courses as we are testing them before publishing. This means you will get full access and will receive certificates of completion! BUT as we’re testing out the course, some things may change, like the content of the slide, or graphics etc.

Some of the courses that are either already in the library or soon will be are:

  • HIPAA ($30 elsewhere)
  • PhRMA ($30 elsewhere)
  • Behavioral Interviews (priceless 😉)
  • MSL & CRA
  • MSL & CRC
  • Educational Programs for MSLs
  • Open-ended questions for MSLs
  • 90 days to land the MSL job
  • Emotional intelligence for Medical Affairs

Once we launch our mobile app officially, the monthly membership price will be $49.99, but you will have access now for $19.99 per month, for as long as you are a member.

Even after we launch, this is your price. HOWEVER! If you cancel your subscription, you can not reactivate and you will have to subscribe at the regular price later through our website.

I hope to welcome you to our community!

PS If you have ideas of courses you’d really like to see, or want to contribute and write a course, please email marieke@medicalaffairscoach.com

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